We have listed important information about our product in this section.

What is a cord of wood and do we deliver full cords?
A cord of wood is measured as 4’X4’X8’ft or 128cu ft. To keep the price down, our cord wood is not stacked into our trucks, rather, it is bulk loaded. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get full cords and their money’s worth in each delivery.

Does Above and Beyond Tree Service deliver ONLY hard wood?
Yes. Unless specifically requested, we will only deliver a mixture of the finest hardwoods (Ash, Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, etc). We do not use softwoods such as pine, willow, and poplar as filler.

How does Above & Beyond Tree Service define seasoned firewood?
At Above & Beyond Tree Service, we define seasoned processed firewood as hardwood that has been split and processed for approximately a year or more. The wood is stored on pavement and in direct sunlight with plenty of airflow to expedite the seasoning process. We do not pile the wood high; rather, we spread it out so more of the wood will be exposed to airflow and the sun’s rays.

What is semi-seasoned processed firewood and what are its advantages?
Our semi-seasoned firewood consists of hardwood logs that are processed to order. The logs we use for semi-seasoned firewood are not freshly cut trees. The logs age for several months before processing, which is why we consider it to be semi-seasoned.  Buying semi-seasoned firewood has several advantages. Most importantly, it can be purchased at a lower cost than seasoned wood and if purchased before the end of May and stacked properly, it should be ready for the upcoming burning season.

What is the length of our processed firewood?
All of our firewood is processed in our firewood processor, which helps to ensure that the lengths and diameters are consistent. In general most of the product is 16” to 18” in length and varies in girth but is typically between 3” & 8”.

Is it possible to have firewood custom cut?
Yes. Specific sizes can be ordered to fit just about any wood burning stove. Depending on the request, the price per a cord will vary. We strongly encourage our customers to order custom firewood early in the season to ensure the product is seasoned for the following season.

Do you deliver unprocessed wood?
We deliver logs of all different shapes and sizes for the ambitious individual looking to save money. We do not deliver this wood by the cord. Rather, it is delivered by the truck load, which usually consists of 2 to 2.5 cords. A majority of the wood is odd shaped and too large or knotty to be processed in our firewood processor. It is ideal wood for someone that has the time, tools and knowledge to process it into usable pieces.

Is there a delivery fee or discounts?
There is no delivery charge to the following Northern Rhode Island towns:

  • Burrillville (East of RT102)
  • Cumberland
  • Greenville
  • Lincoln
  • Johnston
  • N. Providence
  • Pawtucket
  • N. Smithfield
  • Smithfield
  • Woonsocket.

What form of payment is accepted?
Unless other arrangements are made ahead of time, payment is due upon delivery. We gladly accept cash and personal checks.

What is the proper way to store firewood once it is delivered?
Based on experience and other finds, it is best to stack wood on pallets or timbers immediately. It is critical that all of the wood gets proper airflow. This is achieved by stacking the wood at least 12” away from walls or fences. If you need to stack multiple rows, each row should be approx. 12” apart. Finally, if you decide to cover the wood, which is recommended, you should only cover the top. This will prevent rain/snow penetration and still allow airflow.

Do we stack wood?
Yes, we offer stacking for all of the wood delivered. There is a charge of $95 per hour for stacking (minimum charge is one hour), and it includes 2 employees. This price may increase depending on the distance between the drop zone and stacking area.

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